Materials and Process


AENEIS's silks and cotton pieces are made in Como, Italy. Como is known as the “city of silk”, where the silk production began in the fifteenth century brought to Europe from the Far East. Today Como is still renowned for its excellent quality in silk manufacturing. AENEIS' silks scarves and headbands are made out of a luxurious 17,5 mom silk twill. This quality silk is known for its weight that gives a nice body to the scarf, yet it is rarely used these days due to the high costs. The Twill is a type of textile weaving with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs: this particular pattern gives a depth of color to the fabric and illuminates the prints. The perfectly crafted pieces are finished by the skilled and luxurious hand-rolled edging. AENEIS stands out from a crowded market, not only for the for the exclusive refined prints designed in-house in the Parisian studio, but also for the luxury quality of the fabric and high standard of the craftsmanshi.